Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA

Taiji for Parkinson's

Research confirms!  TaiChi (Taiji) movement helps Parkinson's patients manage symptoms. The recent study from Oregon Health Sciences University and published in the New England Journal of  Medicine confirms that TaiChi as a movement art promotes significant improvements in body movement and control.


Karin Collins Taiji & Qigong  is offering unique classes for people diagnosed with Parkinson's designed to manage symptoms and augment overall well-being. Participants will improve strength and flexibility while focusing on Taiji principles, Mind-Intent, visualization and body awareness to control movement and improve balance. Karin is a 10 year veteran teacher, she is easy-going, patient and her classes are calming while lively and filled with laughter.

 All are welcome.




Greenwood Senior Center 525 N 85th St. Seattle, WA


10:15 am - 11:15 am


$10 per class


Karin Collins, (206) 898-5048, [email protected]