Honoring the Horton's

2014 Auction & Gala: Honoring the Horton's

We were so pleased to honor Coach Don Horton, college coach of Seahawk Russell Wilson, and his wife Maura Horton. Don was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease at age 48, prior to coaching Russell Wilson at North Carolina State University. Don's wife Maura recently launched the clothing company MagnaReady to offer an alternative to a button up dress shirt for her husband. 

After a football game, coach Horton, who had been diagnosed with Parkinson's but had not yet told his team, struggled to button up his dress shirt. Russell Wilson quietly went over and finished buttoning up the shirt for his coach. When Don returned home that night, he told his wife of his embarrassment and difficulty with his shirt that day, and Russell Wilson's kind gesture. This event is what spurred Maura to go on to create MagnaReady - a button down dress shirt alterative that uses magnets in place of buttons. 

During the week of the Magic of Hope Auction (May 11-17, 2014), a portion of the proceeds from sales at MagnaReady.com went to the American Parkinson Disease Association, Washington Chapter. 

Russell Wilson is helping us to "Ease the Burden, and Find the Cure" for Parkinson's disease! Learn more here. 


RW with Horton girls   RW & Horton girls2