Spring 2008

UPDATE: Two dates in the schedule of events in the Spring 2008 Pathfinder were incorrect. The following events were inadvertently swapped and should instead read: May 6 2:00pm Susan Lakey, UW School of Pharmacy: Medications and PD At Mercer Island Support Group Carin Mack, MSW 206.230.0166 May 7 7:00pm Estate Planning, Glen Price, Esq. Bellevue Young Onset Support Group Carin Mack, MSW 206.230.0166 The Spring 2008 issue of the Pathfinder newsletter offers articles on Wellness, Tips for Designing Livable Spaces with Aging Americans In-Mind, and Physical Therapy. It also includes messages from the President and others, and provides a schedule of events for April, which is Parkinson Disease Awareness Month. This issue even tells you how to go fly a kite! Download the PDF to read the latest news.

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