Straight Talk & Honest Hope DVD

In the last several years a number of high profile people have raised the level of awareness surrounding Parkinson disease. Principal among them are Pope John Paul II, Muhammad Ali, The Reverend Billy Graham, Janet Reno and Michael J. Fox. Research of this disease that afflicts 1.5 million Americans with another 3 million displaying Parkinson's symptoms, is receiving major media focus because many in the medical community believe a cure or major breakthroughs are at hand.

Easing The Burden

The Washington Chapter of the American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA) is concentrating its efforts on the phrase Easing the Burden which makes up one half of the association mission. Parkinson's progresses differently among patients both in pace and intensity. As the disease advances, patients need increasing care from spouses, family members and friends. Managing Parkinson’s – Straight Talk and Honest Hope (MPHH) has two major goals. The first is to promote candid information sharing among patients, their healthcare professionals and lay support providers. The second goal is to demonstrate the utility of user-friendly technology others can replicate for managing a variety of chronic diseases. With growing numbers of Early Onset Parkinson’s persons filling the "ranks," the need for honest, hopeful dialogue coupled to personal health maintenance strategies is becoming critical.