Straight Talk & Honest Hope DVD Testimonials

I received my copy today of your DVD “Managing Parkinson’s: Straight Talk and Honest Hope”. While I have not viewed it in its entirety, the parts that I have seen are absolutely wonderful, and it answers many of my questions. I believe this DVD will be most helpful to patients newly diagnosed, as I am, with Parkinson’s Disease. I only wish that my neurologist had provided me with something like this last week when I got the diagnosis. Thank you very much for making this available.
- Floyd, CA

I haven't watched all of it, but it is a wonderful product, specifically the personal stories of people with Parkinson. I gained some insight from the doctor speaking about young people with Parkinson and the different needs these individuals have.
- Jorge, VA

Thank you for the DVD. I found it very helpful and informative. I know I will be referring back to it more than one more time. The doctors spoke very direct, and in a manner that everyone could understand. Some of the information (just the condition itself) was hard to hear and not be affected. It is definitely a DVD I will be sharing with family members that are also having a hard time understanding what is happening and how to deal with things. Everyone did a wonderful job in presenting this DVD.
- Beth, NY

As to my opinion of the DVD, "Managing Parkinson's: Straight Talk and Honest Hope" is excellent--very thorough, well paced, speaking neither down to nor over the heads of the targeted audience, and the "Honest Hope" did not come across as "false hope." Kudos to all involved in its creation.
- Ellen, CA

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of those of us with this disabling disease.
- Seattle, Wa

Looking forward to watching DVD and sharing with my support group.
- CA

As a retired doctor, and recently diagnosed with PD, I viewed your fantastic DVD. FANTASTIC is all I can say, the portions told by the PD people are great and of huge support to me.
- Delray Beach, Fl

I am 41 years old and have had PD tremors since 1 was 34 - I learned about your DVD and ordered it - thanks to people like yourselves that do all the foot work so that people can be educated more about this dreadful disease - thank you.
- Texas

My husband has had PD for the last 19 years, he was only 40 when diagnosed - I requested the DVD to review and to share it with a friend with PD that is in total denial.
- California

I found the info on the APDA web site and will share it with my support group - thanks.
- KY

The DVD for Persons with early diagnosed Parkinson's is especially well done. Thank you so much - we will put it to good use in our Support Groups.
- Eleanor

Thank you so much for sending me the DVD - I am waiting for a time to share it with my husband who has been diagnosed with PD - I think sometimes it is hard for him to see what his future may be - I really appreciated the topics and the openness of the People who are living with PD.
- Nancy