Hope Conference Videos

James Leverenz, MD

"Research Update: Biomarkers and Parkinson's Disease"

Neurologist, Associate Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington and VA Puget Sound

Monique Giroux, MD

"Wellness Choices for the Brain"

Movement Disorders Neurologist, Booth Gardner Parkinson's Care Center, Evergreen Healthcare

Peter Dunlap-Shohl

"Homemade Hope - How to Thrive Today with Parkinson's Disease"

Peter has Parkinson's, is a political cartoonist, and a support group leader. He is also an accomplished musician with a great sense of humor.

Matt Ford, PT, PhD

"Music is Exercise for the Parkinson's Brain"

Associate Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Science, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Jay Alberts, PhD

"Is Exercise Medicine for Parkinson's?"

Biomedical Engineer Assistant Staff, Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic