Taxi Voucher Program

We recognize how important it is to maintain your independence.

If you are unable to drive due to Parkinson disease or the Parkinson's medications you are taking, we will provide you with $300 worth of Taxi Vouchers for 1 year.

It’s easy to apply:

  1. Ask your neurologist or primary care provider to write a letter stating you can no longer drive due to Parkinson’s.
  2. Mail, fax or email the letter to the Washington APDA. Include your name, mailing address, and phone number.
    MAIL: APDA Washington Chapter, 150 Nickerson Street, Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98109
    FAX: 206-455-8980
    EMAIL: [email protected]
  3. We will mail you the vouchers, so you can go to a doctor’s appointment, see a movie, or use them however you wish.

This program has proved to be the most successful program our Chapter has initiated and has given back independence to so many who were unable to get out of their homes to go to their doctors appointments or just to get a cup of coffee.

The taxi voucher program is only available in Washington State.