Pathfinder Newsletter

Our newsletter, the Parkinson Pathfinder is published on a quarterly basis. It features articles on topics of interest to people with Parkinson’s and their caregivers, notifications of regional educational events, support group listings, and information on chapter activities.

Check out the Spring issue of our Parkinson Pathfinder! Discover how Parkinson's can contribute to fatigue, learn how to maintain happy, healthy, relationships and explore the benefits of attending a Yoga for Parkinson's class.


Explore the Winter 2014 issue of our Parkinson Pathfinder! Learn about atypical parkinsonism, bladder problems associated with PD, and whether you should consider a durable power of attorney for healthcare. Check out a local Dance for Parkinson's class, and meet our new Board President and Medical Director.

Dive into our Fall 2013 edition of the newly designed Parkinson Pathfinder! Learn about the stages of Parkinson's disease, how botox is used in the treatment of PD, and about a potential new class of drugs for Parkinson's. Also check out how successful our Optimism Walk was in September, and learn more about our upcoming HOPE Conference in November 2013!


Take a look at our new and improved newsletter! We are so excited to share our redesigned Parkinson Pathfinder, and hope you will find the information and resources helpful. In this edition, learn how to make the most of your Neurology appointment, how gait can change with Parkinson's, and about macuna pruriens, a possible alternative, natural, form of levodopa.


In the Winter 2012 edition of the Parkinson Pathfinder learn about new technology, the DaTSCAN, and what it means for people with Parkinson's. Read an interview with a local expert on genetics and PD, and learn how to get involved. Find out more about the Washington APDA's Caregiver's Day Off Program, and Save the Date for our upcoming Auction Gala Dinner!